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Your opinions on best coil-overs

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    Hey everybody. I have an '12 tC and am looking for the best all-around coil-overs I can buy. I need a full set that will take a hell of a beating and keep going. My goal for this car is 600-800 bhp. I drive hard and fast everywhere and will continue to do so. I don't know much about import aftermarket parts so I need some suggestions on brands. Money is not an issue. I also plan to race this car on SCCA type road courses. I appreciate any input. KCCO
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    BC. I know many people use them and swear by them. Expensive, but well worth it probably.
    ^ 1k is not expensive for coilovers.

    I also vote BC.
    A third vote for BC Racing coilovers. Please keep in mind that BC Racing =/= Buddy Club.
    As usual this question has a thousand answers. what's best for you is not best for someone else, and visa-versa.

    A search came up with this...
    thread 1

    thread 2

    thread 3

    thread 4

    I am sure there are a bunch more opinions out there.
    I personally like my tiens. that plus my EDFC makes for an amazing ride
    Best bang for buck? I don't know. But my favorite ones so far are the KW Variant 2 with the HLS 4 hydraulics attached.
    a 4th vote for BC!!
    So far looks like majority is for BC. And for those who get pissy about open variable questions like this, i apologize. Not really, but I forgot to put in my previous post that I want people to tell me who is the best to go with and why they think such. I don't want one type of driver to recommend a product. It is better to have multiple opinions from multiple angles. Suppose I shouldn't post about any superchargers out there!
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    i have over 15yrs rwd racing and building experiance and 3yrs of fwd racing/building experiance. my bro and i race n the scca at random times. i will admit the scca was alot better yrs ago when we were on espn2 before nascar bought them out. i know u didnt ask but i feel like u need to hear this before u waste ur money and time. u really should check the sccas rule books and u will find that a 600 to 800 hp fwd car will leave u racing all by urself even on time trials. most scca "road course" racing is just orange cones setup n a parking lot. so id suggest a trd limited slip,good tires and custom coil overs from tein japan. or u can request a catalog from speedway motorsports and setup ur own coilovers from several other makers like afco and fox. this will win u races better then some crazy hp figure. i am n the process of dong the same as u with my tc and would also suggest n all motor setup and good brakes. its all about driver skills with good pwr to ground and good brakes n the scca. i did notice u statedscca"type"roadcourses if u can tell me what exactly u mean by that i could give u a more specific answer like matching shocks/struts dyno charts up with spring rates for ur cars weight matched to a specific track u might have n mind. otherwise look forward to alot of orange cones lol good luck and have fun.
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