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Spring Rates

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    I think we should start up a sticky that lists the spring rates of all the lowering springs out... figured it might be useful... I will list all I can think of and everyone chime in with spring rates they know or other springs to addStock Springs - front 150/rear 245 (I think)TRD Springs - front 177/rear 308.7 (according to trdsparks 18/26%)Tein S Tech - front 200/rear 340Tein H Tech - front 180/rear 310H&R - Eibach - Hotchkis - front 175/rear 285anyways help out if you can-non
    Some of this is located in the General Chat FAQ already. I-ll let this thread go a bit though. If anyone does in fact have info for some of these other springs I can add it to the FAQ as well.
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