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2009 Scion tc brake light issue

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    I own a 2009 scion tc and have had it for a year. Yesterday I was pulled over and given a repair order for my tail light. The 2009 has the 3 ring tail lights and the outer ring lights up when the headlights are on or when the brakes are pressed. Two officers told me the middle ring is for brake lights. Can some one confirm this?
    so glad to know that cops are now the automotive designers of brake lights. That they know how exactly each one is engineered! lol.. too funny, sounds like a fake cop story. just odd.
    This is my second time. Last month I was stopped for this same issue and given a repair order. I changed the blub a hour later and took it too the state trooper to have it inspected and signed off. Now yesterday I go through this again except now I have a repair order for tail light and to remove my window tints so I'm angry about it.
    wow crazy.. where/what state do you live in? here in Michigan they've never bothered anyone. If it keeps burning out, might want to make sure the socket isn't corroded. Also I wonder if they have LED replacement bulbs that are bright enough yet.. that should last a long time. But the sylvania's I bought have been good (regular bulbs).
    I'm in Maryland the problem is not that there burning out the problem is the 2008-2010 tc have the 3 ring tail lights and my outer ring lights up when I brake. Both cops told me its supposed to be the middle ring which only lights up when I lock/unlock the car. No one can verify if this is true I checked the manual, called customer service and even went to a dealership. I need another 2008-2010 owner to verify.
    ok the better question is.. do any of the rear brake lights, light up when the brake pedal is pushed? If so, then the cops can go back to eating their donuts and they're harassing you. The law doesn't say that a specific car in a specific line has to light up. so if your brake lights are lighting up, then you might want to get an attorney because these cops are picking a fight with you for nothing.
    Did you make sure your brake lights work?
    Yeah the brake lights work its the outer ring that lights up. When my headlights are on the brake lights are on and shine brighter when I brake. The first time I got pulled over which was last month was at night this time was in the middle of the day. I want to take it to court but theres no point of fighting it since they probably will still force me to remove my tint which is thr biggest reason I'm upset about this.
    sounds like in Maryland you got some cops who have nothing better to do than to bother a tC owner. I know here in Michigan you can have darker tint that legal *IF* you get a doctor to write a letter saying you need that. Maybe you have a doctor who could help you out? But once you take care of the tint if they pull you over for not having a "line" they think SHOULD be lighting up, I hope you would be smart enough to take them to court, and/or talk to an attorney. That's pure harassment.
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