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E Brake Shoes Need Replaced?

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    So I've been noticing lately that my e brake doesn't seem to hold the car as well as it should. It doesn't really start to move and I haven't had any problems (yet) but when I get out or shift my weight in the car after it has been parked in my driveway (slanted but not steep) it sounds like the brake shoes are slipping a bit, and the car moves back very slightly.

    Does the e brake need adjusted from time to time? Could this just be an adjustment issue?

    I'll be replacing brakes soon anyway, so how would I tell if the shoes need replaced? (I understand that they shouldn't because they should never wear down, but you never know what the previous owner did, aka someone left the brake on and drove to work or something)

    Are the shoes hard to replace? (I've done drum brakes, I'm assuming they are roughly the same difficulty to replace)
    The e-brake caables have stretched over time.You need to do a readjustment. Web has a nice readjustment of e brake DIY and some have made a cable adjustment DIYs.
    Ok, but if the cables have stretched, do I need to replace the cables? Or will adjusting the shoes like the DIY says fix the problem? My understanding is that the e brake should click 5 times or so. Can anyone confirm or deny that?

    Cable replacement depends if after you tighten they are still loose and such things. The number of clicks is also dependent on how loose they were. Fvie clicks may cause them to be too tight.
    No need to replace either one. Just adjust tension on cables like in webs DIY. Make sure u do even amount of clicks on each side so both sides apply even amount of pressure.

    I need to do ebrake handle goes up way too high
    Ok, just to make sure, we are talking about the same DIY right? Because this DIY by Web shows how to adjust the shoes, not tighten the cable right?

    That's the one.
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