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Passenger front side Tire with Unusual wear.

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    Hi, I currently own a 2010 scion TC with about 32000 on the factory Bridgestone Turanza EL400 02. Recently i have noticed that the passenger front side tire is unusually worn. All other tires seem to be in completely better condition. As i understand it could be alignment, though would it be that bad to where the whole tire is worn down more than the others? Please let me know if you've had a similar situation or any suggestions. thanks
    Ok this is just what I think and I kno nothing about tires and the wear maby that's the tire that gets used more like maby u turn on one side more than the other I dunno might help. Ive been told that the inner tread gets eaten up when u lower the tc's but that's all 4 tires hope this helped. Prably didn't tho
    I would get your alignment redone. That one corner could be off causing more tire wear
    If the tire is worn evenly across, but worn more than the others, it is most likely due to spinning the tire. Weather that is because you race around and take off like a bat out of hell, or just simply from poor weather conditions, I have no idea. Another big issue that will add to this is lack of rotating the tires. While those are the 2 most common reasons for that, it is not impossible to have a defective tire. I have had tires with improper rubber compounds wear like that on a vehicle. (worked in tire store for 12 years)
    I had a customer that brought their car to me for maintenance on the tires and with proper rotations and alignment one tire did wear faster than the others, and I mean a lot faster.
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