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CARB LEGAL K&N Intake Box Sale! Intake Installed With Pics!

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    Here is a review to help introduce this beautiful intake!

    Picture of the box that it arrived in:

    Picture of the contents:

    Comparison picture of the old intake setup:

    Comparison picture with the NEW K&N Intake box:

    Close up picture of the new K&N Filter surrounded by the heat shield:

    As you can see this intake utilizes the factory upper air box portion. It provides a new aluminum intake pipe AND a new lower portion that is less restrictive. This intake is CARB LEGAL for the 2005-2006 Intake! Includes a genuine CARB sticker and a Million Mile Warranty! This rectangular filter style was designed by K&N specifically for our Scion TCs!

    My Thoughts: As you can see, I installed this intake on my personal TC. I can honestly say that the quality is by far the best I've seen from an intake. The fitment is pretty much perfect. I did not have to do much "adjusting" to make the intake fit correctly. No issues with fitment or hood clearance. Since this intake replaces the factory piping with a new aluminum pipe with no resonator, there is a great audible difference especially in the upper RPMs. This is definitely my favorite intake so far, and I'm not planning to replace it for another. This intake started as a test, but I've now decided to keep it =]. If you want a quality intake that is more "sophisticated" looking, then this is for you.

    I understand the price is high for a intake box, but I assure you, the quality is definitely superb. The listed price is the lowest K&N allows us to post. But since we never quit to give great price, we are offering COUPON CODES! Send me a PM for the coupon code!

    Click HERE for the link to our store for more information!
    Send us a PM for coupon code! You will not find a lower price for this intake!
    nice, I will get one once my SRI is off.
    Nice! yeah this intake is definitely a great buy.
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