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Custom fiberglass Sub boxes

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    TO ALL MODS: I just registered as a silver sponser, so please do not delete!!

    Hello everyone!

    I made this box for my car and decided to offer it to the public. I am in the process of making these now. The price is $250 plus $30 shipping and handling. They come stuffed with polyfill, have a terminal cup installed with wires for the sub, and carpeted black.

    The only option im offering is having the box built for either a 10" sub or and 8". There is no depth restrictions and the box is approx .6 cu ft internal volume. Its small but that the reason for the polyfill.

    Right now there is a 3-4 week turnaround time. could be less but for now, im saying 3-4.

    If you want one, PM me and il get you the payment details. I can accept paypal or matercard, visa, and discover.

    Here are pics of it installed in my car:

    here is the back of the sub and the area you need to cut in order for this to work. This is the only way is to cut. It really isnt that bad either, im sure the peice you cut out can be reattached if you ever sell the car.

    Ok everyone!!!
    wow, no interest??
    IMO it doesnt look very offense great job....but it would look better if it appeared to be once peice
    hmm thats a new one.

    It looks/is flawless in person.

    blue what he means is no lines. aka when you look at the photos you can see that there is 2 peices and not one.

    so whet gingles is saying is make it look like one peices and not 2.

    and i 2 say it would look alot better with out the lines but good job.

    Well i can assure you that in person the "lines" are not very obvious as in the pics i posted. When i took those, the sun was shining at a bad angle which makes the picture turn out alot worse looking than it really is. On a last note, the carpet i use is just a black trunk liner, I tried getting ahold of the factory carpet but its just impossible at this point. I was pondering making an entire replacement panel but considering the costs it would take to make one, you guys would never be able to afford it.

    I wasnt really asking for opinions on how it looked anyways, i was just offering a nice enclosure for a killer price. Any one that orders it will surely be impressed.

    I have already sold over 20 boxes so i know there is a bunch of other happy customers!!
    yeah doesn't look too clean and cutting involved... rather have something you can put there and not cut anything. anyone can say, "cut that piece and put that later on" i take cut a hole in my seat and get a new seat later on too.
    ok no problem

    Its not for everyone.

    sure is a tough crowd here

    shouldnt have waisted my $15 to offer a nice product here, haha
    bluecar its not hard to make a full replacement panel and the cost is very low anyone can pay for it(if they know how to f/g)

    you can make a full replacement panel for under 100(without the sub).

    so putting us down like we dont have the money to do any mods was kind low..

    we are not putting you down at all we are giveing input to you. so you can make the box a little better.. so take aour input or don't. we are just trying to help not putting you down.
    sorry wasnt trying to put you down. its all good

    like i said, its not for everyone!
    Haven't posted here in a while...but I have a custom molded fiberglass enclosure being made for me now....I got it from will be on the right side of the trunk and extend from the trunk to the rear of the back's being custom made and will be 1.25 cubic feet, the recommended space for a JL 10W7....i'll post pics once I get everything in.
    the 2 12'' drop in sub box is SICk......thats something exactly what i was looking for!!! drop in costom boxes...or somthing like that
    can you put up some new pictures?
    the links for the pictures are dead.
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