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    Here are a bunch of pics from our BBQ last Sunday. It was an awesome turnout. Had about 60 Scions there!!CLICK HERE TO SEE PICS
    sweet looked like it was fun... is the white tC with lambo doors. is that owner on here? had a question about the truck set up.
    Pretty good pics, nice to see you had a nice sunny day too, inlike today because its snowing again. Maybe if you have another one say on a saterday I can make it, shouldent be to far to maryland from pittsburgh.
    I am not sure what his screenname is....if I can find out I wil let you know.We are having another BBQ on July 31st, but thats a Sunday. Because of work and things, SUnday seems to be the best day of the week. You should try to make it down! We have people driving from CT so there are NO EXCUSES!!!!!
    ^ sweet thnks keep us posted on your bbq. wish i could be there.
    I am from CT and would love to come. I dont have to much done to my car but I would like to see what others have done. When its confirmed Can you give me directions, please
    I am from MD and I also would like to come. so let me know where and when and all.mine is stock also. well I just got a spoiler on my RS....thats it
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