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SE MD Meet: Photoshoot & Burnouts

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    So we had our meet today and took lots of pictures. I am going to post them for you in a few minutes after I upload them. I also made a few videos on my camera. For all those who wanna hear the exhaust and see what she can do gotta tell me how I can post the video...
    hey luv, cant wait to see the pics and video. on the video, ya might have to put it on a website first. then go up to the tabs up there ^^, the bottom row, 8th one over(insert video file), thats how i did mine. im sure admin would know better cant wait to see.
    awesome... nice car luv.
    i second that... it looks sharp... i love the scion evolution sticker too, the desgin is pretty cool.
    Very nice pictures. Poor parking lot though with all those burns. Where did you do it at?
    damn your bsp tC is sweeeet! kick ass pics
    nice job guys. i bet it was alot of fun. nice burn out to luv.<-------------i wanna scion evol sticker
    Here are the burnout video links <-----Alexis-(lvnurs9) tC <-----Dave(scionbandit) tC <---Both CarsFYI for some reason the first 2 dont download all the way before they play. It might be easier to save it first then look at it. The last one is the best anyways....
    To the guy with the silver TC...I know ur ridin 19-s but you can do better than that Was it auto?
    No he has a 5speed. I didnt film them all. I tried to get the ones of mine lol. He did have a few better ones, but I have to say that Tavis was a lil better at....ummmmm...spinning???
    nice that last burn out alexis was great. you guys didn-t have any water it probly would-ve been better.
    i do have to say your exhaust sounds as good as you said it would.
    ThanksIm not trying to lie here lol
    About 250$ in tires just went up in smoke. No pun intended.........ok I lied.
    How did you do a burn out with a FWD car???
    -all4degame- wrote:
    How did you do a burn out with a FWD car???
    r u being serious?
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