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    Well here it goes, A local dealer has recieved a 05 tC (used) and it has roughly 20,000 miles and has been lowered useing trd spring and also has trd exhaust, it is also a stick shift.

    Well my debate is should I go for the plunge and trade my 05 tC with roughly 13,000 miles has pedastil spoiler and b pillar apliques and a cool fox head sticker in the rear and is a automatic.

    The cons are I have no clue what the previous owner did to this cars engine or clutch, for all I know he had no clue how to shift the thing and pounded the car and I know I have done nothing but baby my car.

    Both cars are FM so there is no color switch ( wich makes me want to take my trunk off and switch it with the other car)

    The other cons are I never really drove a stick shift as my daily car only freinds cars and my new job requires me to drive my car alot in traffic and highway

    The pro's are I can get the trd super charger that I was waiting for my car but is only available for the manual.

    Another con is my wife doesent drive a stick but then again that could be a pro as
    That is a tough call. I bought my tC used with about 18,000 miles on it. It's safe to assume that if this person got mods like the TRD exhaust and all that, they probably raced the engine quite often to test the power. 20,000 miles shouldn't make a difference even if he drove like a retard. Toyota engines can handle a lot.

    The most important factor is that you're not used to driving a stick and you drive though heavy traffic a lot. I love my 5-speed, but if I lived in a big city with heavy traffic everyday, a stick is a pain in the ass. The tC has a tricky stiff clutch and isn't as easy to drive as other sticks.

    If you're serious about the Supercharger, then make the trade. Otherwise stay where you are.
    i dont mind stick even in thick traffic, its my daily. being that the car is still young i would think not much could have happened to it and you have the remaining warranty
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