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Cleared name

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    I want to send out an apology to the fourm and to Chris (NYCFressco) there was a HUUUUGE misunderstanding with some lost mechinedse. What happened was i sent out my red AEM tiedown and oil cap and somehow someway the package was opened and all the contents were lost in transit. I got a call from the UPS store saying there was a claim made and that they are hopefully going to either cut me a check or replace the parts that were missing.

    I just wanted to clear Chris's name and my name for that matter that this was a huge misunderstanding. The fact that when people do business with one another your kinda doing it blindfolded without knowing the person its kind of hard to put trust in them. In this case it wasn't either of our faults the only one to blame in this matter is UPS. Again iwant to say sorry to the fourm and to the site mods/admins and members and espically to chris.

    My fault and i just don't wanna be labled here as a fraud/scammer or problem user. I just wanna be able to business here without people talking shit about me about this matter.
    What he said above is true and i am just waiting for my battery tie down and oil cap. When it comes in the mail and if it does i will be happier. Till then im not scamer or fraud or lier and i dont think you are either but i will like to have those 2 items in my hands someday. End of story!
    so touching.
    but funny cause chris thought u where scamming him and you thought he was scamming you.
    but its crazy that the envelope was opened. some UPS dude now has a limited edition oil cap and battery tie down.
    yeh im way beyond confused on this whole thing and it sucks cause i still can't drive my tC without thoes parts
    just go to the dearlship tell them that the oil cap fell off and you need a new one
    2006TcScion wrote:
    just go to the dearlship tell them that the oil cap fell off and you need a new one
    lol, they will make you buy it. but if ne thing i can go with fresco and buy it since i have an RS 1.0 but the thing is they arent that cheap.
    never said they give him one for free
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