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SUPER HIGH MILEAGE update.....Part deuce

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    Greetings all!!!

    let me preface this post the same way i did last time by letting it be known im not a troll and this isnt a goof. ill post pics if needed but i think i did last time at 225,000 soooooo you know im legit in my craziness... 05 scion tc which i picked up in october of 04 now has 295,000 miles on it. I expect to pass the big 300 around mid august. Car still runs well. Although certain elements are somewhat different. For instance when leaving a light if i give it 100% throttle it goees fine.... if i give it normal acceleration it goes still but has slight hesitation. Im sure that changing the plugs(im def overdue) and the filter would clear most of it up. I have no check engine lights. I had an intermittent one for the gas cap crap but buying a new gas cap and resetting the ecu cleared that up about 8 months ago. Car just passed nys inspection 3 months ago. It does burn oil.....exact is hard to tell but it is about 1.5 quarts per change. I buy the 5 qt. thing and do the change and keep the remainder in the trunk. I sometimes end up buying another one before im due and addding a little bit to make sure it stays on level. not really a big deal considering.

    All of the parts on the car are original sub the side view mirror, belts (which i havent changed in 125k+), plus and filter. I still do changes about every 6k and use ONLY mobil 1 synthetic and toyota filters. Even when i buy and add because im low i buy mobil one synthetic. The tranny has held up fine and i change the fluid about every 60-70k.

    At 252,000 the clutch "failed". i saw failed because it didnt do what a normal clutch does and wear down and slip. It never ever slipped ever. When it broke what actually broke was the springs inside of the disc. this led to the forks bending and not engaging the clutch fully. when i was waiting for a new one to come in i actually continued to drive the car for a week or so and put about 500 miles on it. Picture this: having to turn off, shift into first and restart it with the clutch engaged 75% of the time when coming to a stop. it was a crap shoot lol. once on the highway it was ok as i shifted with the clutch doing a halfass job haha. i was very surprised at how much meat the pads had on them though. had that springs not failed it wouldnt have been a problem for quite sometime.

    All electronics work 100%. Satellite radio still works great. not leaks inside or out. great car.

    Hope you guys enjoy this and look forward to many more miles of fun.
    Wow, that's impressive. How about the suspension and do you take your car to "the back roads"?
    EvilMonkey wrote:
    Wow, that's impressive. How about the suspension and do you take your car to "the back roads"?

    i have been known to take the beaten path once or twice lol. i certainly do not baby it. I def could use new struts buts not terrible.
    Very nice considering the fact my tC just turn over 20K !
    this gives me some hope, I'm at 103,000 miles now.
    Mine has 62k right now. ANd it's falling apart already. hahaha.. But that is amazing. We want to see our ODO though
    wow that's a long way to go

    I just hit 5 digits, 10,000 mi lol
    yea man ill try to get a pic... i dont have a fancy phone so ill hafta grab my chicks bb...ill try sometime soon tho fo sho
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    I'm about to roll to 200k

    Mine is doing great too.

    What are your MPG numbers; if you don't mind me asking? When I went to Indy Exposed two weeks ago (which was my 1st ever interstate highway trip); he was getting 34 mpg. When I refilled after that tank, I was getting 32 mpg (city/highway.)

    my chassis is at 150k and my motor is around 90k. this makes me feel a lot better, but not about being on motor #2
    op: can you still chirp your tires going into 2nd?lol
    Hey guys... Umm yea my mpg is still amazing. I have no cel's and do mostly highway driving. I still avg. 30mpg+ on most tanks im sure but i havent clocked it in a while.

    I probably could still chirp 2nd if i tried but i really dont beat on it. Funny tho as i type this i recall passing some deusch in a new tahoe at 95 mph mere hours ago haha. The car is still great on the highway although i def do feel the miles more in city driving. Im probably gonna get new struts soon and maybe new plugs and air filter. I only have 2 filters left so i need to go to the dealership soon anyway haha

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