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    is there anyway i can hardwire my radar dector into my car witout having a long ass wire draping all over my cockpit??? any infomation will be much apperiacted
    SO EZ!!!!!! all u got to do is

    1. get another cigeret plug from the store
    2. take apart ur dash
    3. attach the new plug to ur oem one by splicing the oem wires, so u got plugs * leave ...a longer wire for the radar wire inside the dash*
    4. tape up or heat shrink the splices
    5. run the radar wire behind/ through the dash
    6. plug the radar into the new plug
    7. fine a nice lil place to put the wires
    8. turn the key on, and see if it works
    9. put everything back together.
    10. ur done, and go have fun.
    Where's a good place to purchase a radar detector, and how much would is be around???
    if ya want a good radar detector i would pick the Valitine 1 its pricy but i think its worth it, it saved my butt alot of times dont get the passport 8500 it sucks i had it and it was just a waist of money.
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