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Sunroof Issues

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    hey i have a real problem.
    i just installed my intake a few days ago.
    and now my sunroof doesnt open..
    im guessing its because i reset my ecu..
    when i removed the negative battery for the install.
    any idea how to go about fixing this?
    Have you tried working the motor a bit? Open, close, open, close, I know when I disconnect my battery, the windows and sunroof need to be operated a few times before it fixes itself. Usually a 5-10 minute fix.
    read the manual bro its in there somewhere lol hold down the switch for like 2sec till after its closed you should hear the little motor resetting. same goes for your driver and passenger windows, if your having probs with those too.
    yeah i've tried the open, close, open, close thing.
    and i was hoping it would fix by itself like my windows.
    i guess ill reset it again and try playing with it some more.
    once you hold the switch down for 2sec after its fully closed you should be able to open/close it. my passenger window always acts up after i reconnect the battery. so just keep messin with those switches itll work out somehow.
  • 5 posts
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