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    • Edited 1 times, last by YeOldScallywag on .
    I have a brand new tC2. I am opening a discussion about the differences between the 14 and 15 models.

    One thing I believe to be different is the headlight assembly. On my car it only has 1 Headlight per housing. It is a 9012 bulb and it uses a Shutter for high and low beam operation. I will post pics if anyone is interested.
    I'd love to see some pictures. My 2014 TC only has one headlight but the running lights are also housed in the assembly.
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    Here are the pics of the headlight assembly.

    Back of Housing

    Low Beam - You can see the shutter is up in this pic.

    High Beam - Shutter is tilted back and out of the way.

    Exterior View
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    H11 bulb seriously? not the 9012s? that looks 9012 to me... any how enjoy your ride keep posting!!!!!!!!
    • Edited 1 times, last by YeOldScallywag on .
    ------Edit------- 5/11/15

    Bulbs are 9012 not H11


    Definitely H11's. I definitely plan on enjoying my ride!!!
    yes the 14 and 15 have that one head light with the shutter between the high and low beam... but really H11 now on the 2015? id def like to see the writing on the bulb to know..
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    anyone knows if there's a post for a tutorial of how to do the 2014 third brake light (reflector), the one on the bottom of the bumper? i have an idea but need advice where to get the power, what might i need if i can do it without messing the stock harness like a splice maybe...

    YeOldScallywag it might look like an H11 but it is really a HIR 9012 thrust me look at it, H11 has red rubber seal 9012 has yellow rubber seals, the back housing is nearly identical ^_^ if toyo changed it to H11 im so going to kill em -_- i had a headache searching for HIDS when i found 9006 worked like a charm...
    You are right I double checked. I saw the H1L and thought it was a H11. It says 9012 right underneath. hahahaha!
    haha well at least we got that kinda cleared up.. yea that would be a toyota move though haha
    yeah it's the 9012, ive been looking for some hid's.

    has anyone had any luck on finding some for the 9012.
    You can use 9006 HIDs
    how the locking tip is longer on the 9012??? i've heard people using the 9012 for 9006 by shaving the tip down, but you cant using a 9006 in place of a 9012.
    Wow. I bought the wrong bulb size thanks to this. Pls change the original post.
    Hey man really sorry. We covered the bulb size farther down. I have edited the original post. Hope you were able to return them.
    all else fails refer to your owners manual. everything is in there.
    Yup definitely 9012. I took the bulbs out of my friends tC and was glad to see 9012. She came from a dart, and I currently have a Dart. I had installed HIDs in her dart before and that car is also 9012. So we were able to reuse the bulbs. I just need to do some digging now and see if there is any type of bulb out or canbus system on these tCs or if I can just use a relay harness with no extra CRAP and they work perfect. lol The dart is literally the hardest thing in the world with HIDs ... -_- Nothing makes the BCM happy and it loves throwing a low beam headlight out message. Luckily after countless of installs, and countless different products, brands, and setups I think the best thing I found was from theretrofitsource. They just came out with a 2015+ RAM kit and the dart has a similar system as them. Seems to work good. For anyone looking for a good HID kit check them out. They have a perfect 9012 kit for all you guys and no trimming or modifying needed.
    Hi new user here. Just got a new 2015 Tc and was wondering if anyone knew a tutorial for installing new foglights. I was thinking about buying the Spec-D foglight kit thats around 50-60 vs the toyota one thats a shit ton more.
    Hey Guys, I am excited to be in this forum! I just bought a clean 2015 tc hatchback and already want to start upgrading! ha

    what are people typically upgrading first on their Scions Tc?
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    TheTrueScionTc wrote:
    Hey Guys, I am excited to be in this forum! I just bought a clean 2015 tC hatchback and already want to start upgrading! ha

    What are people typically upgrading first on their Scions tC?

    Hello TheTrueScionTc! Welcome to CStC!

    Well, it's like this, there is no prescribed 1st Mods. It's whatever your budget or imagination will allow. Each person has their own individual 1st Mods.

    I am a Original 2015 tC RS9 Owner. Me, for instance, paid to have the Dealer Install LoJack, Fog lights, Interior Blue Lighting Kit, and the TRD Strut Bar. Those items were on my New Car.

    After Delivery, I went with Tints, Paint Protection Film (PPF) and Lambo Doors in that order. For a List of my Mods:

    MR LUV's LUV MOBILE Mod Thread 2015 tC2.5 RS9


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