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Anyone Think a RB motor will fit?

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    Pretty much what the title says my buddy has a rb26dett motor that he got fro japan while being stationed there and now he's moving to guam and im going to take it off his hands now i would have thrown it in my 240 but thats on guam so what can i do with it while in ND "throw it in the tc" hahah i know it would take a crap load of cash but would it really work tell me what you all think
    With the right amount of cash (a whole clown pants sized ass load of it) it will work fine. The tC just isn't the greatest platform to do it on because of all the modifications and fabrications that will be required to do it even remotely close to the right way. That being said, good luck and post pics!
    never said i was going to do it. its just a thought that occured to me my 240sx however will be on it way when im back from this deployment that i am currently on so i still have a use for that motor if not going with the tc platform hahahah
    You're going to have so much more fun in the 240 with that motor and save thousands and thousands of dollars. Just wait and boost your tC in the meantime!
    RB26Dett u will have to go RHD unless u do alot of fabrication to get the wheel on the other side. If u wanna stick with the wheel on the left side ur best bet is the rb25det single turbo.
    with lots and lots and lots of cash and lots and lots and lots of time im sure theres a way to fit it.

    the real question is..."is it worth spending all this money and time to have a RB powered tc?"

    my answer is no. put it in the 240sx.
    im gonna attempt to do that swap to a civic EG after im done paying off the tc... its gonna be more than a ton of work... but in the end i can say... i bet ur vette cant take my lil old civic...
    For the amount of cash it's gonna take to put it in the tC, it'd be best to buy a Skyline instead But if you've got the funds then go for it par!
    well par i can have the cash as long as im in the military and budget right but what i can do is make the tc RWD because i can get my hands on toyota caldina Parts and from what i researched that car uses the same chassis as the Tc so not to much work to convert the rear-end...but i think its best to throw the motor in my 240 but don't you think a RWD,RB powered Tc would be cherry
    imo...unique?yes. cherry? no.
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    what would it take to make the tC RWD?? and can you use the 2az-fe??? i say that cus the sr20de was in RWD config in the 240 and FWD config in the original SE-R
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    An RB will fit in a 240SX. BUT it requies a massive amount of custom work to get it to fit and sit properly in there. You will also need the transmission from a 33 GTS-t (which is hard as fucking hell to find just the tranny) to power it.

    Good luck.... BTW you dont need to swap to RHD to put this motor in. You can stay LHD but you will need to do custom piping for the turbo on the left side becuase of the steering rod and linkage goes right where the plumbing is.
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