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Stock Tip

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    Is there anyway to take off the stock "chrome tip" off of the stock muffler??
    Why would you want to do that? Dont tell me you want to put on one of those gay blue LED tips they sell at pep boyz.
    please dont rice out the tc.. we dont need that kinda rep like the civic
    ummm I actually dont know... It might be bolted on or something. Im sure if you lay down next to it and look you'll be able to see how it is attached or if it is all part of a larger piece. Yea but like the others I must ask why you would want to do that...
    oh no, no rice on my rs1.0. I'm having some custom pipes done by my dads friend who does custom harley pipes. he's got a great design for my car, we are thining of splitting to dual exhaust
    i was thinkin of going straight pipe after the midpipe section and I wanted to use the stock tip on my exhaust.. pure sleeper
    nice.. dualies will look nice. As for the tip, did you ever take it off? Its raining where I am otherwise I would look and and see if I could figure out how it came off...

    Vicious what do you mean by straight pipe after midpipe and using the stock exhaust? Are you gonna run a straight pipe from the header to the stock axelback?
    guru he means a straight pipe up to the bends....if im not mistaken......I dont know if that would even be worth it....maybe the entire mid pipe straight to the muffler w/ a cat or resonator.....

    BTQW I was considering upping the size of the tubing on the back of the TRD axle back to 2.5 cause it looks pretty small compared to my custom mid pipe..thoughts?
    nope never got it off, its either welded or clamped on very hard.
    nah.. my midpipe's fine.. 2.25 is good for now.. but yea.. thats wat i've been thinking of doing
    the stiock tip is so EZ to take off, all you have to do is take a rubber mallet, and go under the car, and hit the back of it, all it is, its just being held on by clip like things, so hit it, and it will come off.
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