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2015 or 2016?

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    Hey guys!! I currently own a 2008 tC, it's my second one. I plan on buying a new one because I can't imagine having any other kind of car!
    I know the 2016 comes with the push button start and smart key. And that's pretty much it.
    I'm ready to buy now! So do I just go for the 2015 or would it be worth it to get ahold of a 2016?

    I just want opinions! I'm still deciding myself, just want another view on it! Thanks!!
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    I'd get the 2016, if you're gonna get a new car, you might as well get a brand spanking new car. Plus I read the 2016 MSRP is less than the 2015 MSRP, I'm not sure how that works though. Plus the new pioneer touchscreen comes with Bluetooth and looks pretty good. And they finally put a freaking rear windshield wiper on.
    Hahaha josh you would reply that fast!!
    That's what I was thinking too! But don't the 2015's come with the touch screen and everything too?
    Haha yes I would 😁 . And I just looked it up and I guess the 15's do come with the touchscreen & Bluetooth headunit, but it's a 6.1 inch touchscreen and the new one is 7. Now would you rather have 6.1 inches or 7? We all know the answer to that. The rear wiper is a huge added bonus IMO and the push start is pretty cool. It sounds like the '16 is a more refined tC for less than the '15 tC.
    Yeah the 2016 sounds cool, but I think I'm gonna go with the 2015 just because cheaper insurance. I just checked it all out and it's gonna be less expensive in the long run. The back windshield wiper isn't that great to me, I can always put in a new head unit, which I'll probably do anyways because sound system is huge to me 😂, and the push button start isn't worth the super expensive insurance haha. I think I'm going this weekend to Sacramento to pick it up because they have one ready to go for me 😊😊
    The push start makes the insurance more? That's weird lol. I was just going off the fact that the 2015 is cheaper and has more options
    No idk if the button is the reaso lol. I just mean if that's the only thing different, it's not worth the expensive insurance. Like having a newer version. Make sense? Haha.
    I've changed my mind a million and 10 times now so I'm thinking I'll wait until I can test drive a 2016. 😈
    If you're going to pay most up front, get the 16. But you can finance a 15 for less than 1% interest so if you're going to finance it's worth considering. That's an insanely good rate and would certainly make up the difference in msrp.
    Have you called the insurance already to check which one is more ? I think it's weird that the 2016 is more to insure 😶
    Yes, I planned on financing so the 2015 was more of a thought in my mind.
    And yes Josh, I called. I guess the newer the year the more expensive. Which is weird because you'd think the newer one would be less.
    Idk! I'm just going off what they told me!
    I'm still deciding!
    You're not going to regret either one. If you have a little extra money to throw around for financing, get the 16. You won't be super upset to not have keyless start and a rear wiper.
    I ordered a 2015 and it should be here today 😍 I'm so excited!!!
    Congrats! Remember to take pictures!
    Thank you thank you! It's now in my possession and I'm SO obsessed!!! It's gorgeous. The blizzard white is a pearly color and ugh it's beautiful hahaha. I'm in love lots of pics to come!!
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    Probably does have to do with elevated repair costs of perceived expensive Options and newer.
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    Lol! Lost my ‘07 to a drunk driver. Rocking a 160k ‘05 for $800! Almost bought a 2010 but , cant stand the front seats yet! But a 15 sounds nice.maybe will look for one. Wish they were still making them!!!
    tcseacliff wrote:
    Lol! Lost my ‘07 to a drunk driver. Rocking a 160k ‘05 for $800! Almost bought a 2010 but , cant stand the front seats yet! But a 15 sounds nice.maybe will look for one. Wish they were still making them!!!

    ya good things never last it seems.. you should be happy you at least have one! I know I'm keeping mine until the wheels literally fall off! Wow $800? That's crazy low in price!
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