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tC2 parts rare/$$$, or non-existent

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    I was talking to my buddy that works @ toyota about getting a clutch for my 2011 Scion tC and it is $138.21 without tax. But the sad thing is that their are only 8 in the country!!! Probably due to the earthquake or so. If you break a part in your car or get into a fender bender, be aware that the parts are rare for this car, and or pricey and may take weeks to your specific part in. The silver ring around the shift boot, is $50.xx according to my dealer. Prices may very due to your location.

    If you noticed on trdsparks "oem website" OEM Replacement Parts, their isn't anything available for your tC2 because of low inventory or nearly non existence of the part. Their are some parts from the toyota camry that will work on your tC so if you need parts, that will be your first choice to look at and the price will probably end up being cheaper.

    Just wanted to let you all know.
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    well for inventory i highly doubt it will be rare or scarce because why in the world would they mass produce a car and not have replacement parts and i would never goto a dealership to buy anything and i highly doubt theres only 8 clutchs in the country haha just remeber this car just came out a few months ago of course sites aren't gonna have items in stock yet. takes time
    Dude their is only 8 in the country! Call or go to your dealer and ask them how much is in stock. I got another quote for $119.15 for a clutch disc. So shop around first for the best price if you need parts cause dealer prices will vary once again!
    thats why i dont go to dealers
    maybe he meant county
    I wish i knew what clutches were compatible with tC2. I wanna change mine too
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    citystars41 wrote:
    maybe he meant county

    No country. And theirs "8" currently unless someone ordered on while I am typing this post. Take my word. Also they are trying out a new type of parts release. You have to give your vin number now due to them not giving out parts. In other words "Special Order."

    Brichard0625 wrote:
    I wish i knew what clutches were compatible with tC2. I wanna change mine too

    I can find out for you, not sure if the camry one will work, even though they share parts.
    screw it just buy aftermarket and get it next day air delivery. Its like magic except you dont have to sit through all the boreing stuff lol
    Why did you buy a new clutch already if your stock one should be good for at least a few years depending on your driving
    Nah I don't need clutch. The car has a little bit over 5k miles on it. I try not to drive it to much. I go to the track a lot, and just wanted to know a price quote in case I need to get one. And speaking of clutches a japanese company named "OS Giken" are coming out with and clutch disc/kit in the summer.
    Just came back from toyota to get my free oil change and i asked about the parts and hes right, all the parts are gonna be a little hard to find due to the disaster as well as certain color scions! The parts will still be available but it will take a little longer than expected to recieve the parts. I how wonder if the flywheel in our tc is heavy i was trying to get info but they def didnt know!
    Yay for vouching for me. I can find out about the flywhel and the camry clutch 2 morrow.
    That would be great thanx!
    Here is a little info on where the 8 clutches are, unless someone ordered some while I am typing..

    2 NY
    2 LA
    4 Boston

    Their are a few more coming available through transit through certain dealers throughout the country. I am going to find out information for the 2011 scion tC flywheel specs l8r.
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