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F/S(just seeing whats avaible) RS1.0 GRILLS

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    I might of sent a few emails back to people who wanted the grill's and I said no, but I've givin it some thought, I'm just seeing what people will offer for the upper and lower grills.
    well on ebay they sold for 300 and 30 bucks shipping on the webform here they sold for several 250 or 300. I am interested in the upper piece if you want to sell it.
    if i decided to sell it would be for the both lower and upper. That would be the only thing I'd might be willing to part out, if the price is right
    i offer you 250 and shipped and will swap my upper grill cuz the bottom one has fogs but i can buy you a lower grill and have it mailed all to your house. How about selling your AEM oil cap and AEM battery tie down?
    whoah aren't we getting a little greedy and jewish LOL jk, naw the only thing i'd think of selling is the grills, but I would NEED the the stock ones back too. But again if the price is right I might do it, 250 isn't settling down very well. Theses grills are in very high demand.
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