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FS: Custom JL Audio System

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    Well, I had to sell my tC so I am selling my custom JL Audio system.

    The non-tC-specific components are being sold individually, but I want to find a lucky tC owner to take over the heart of my system.

    2x JL Audio 8W7 Subwoofers ($300 ea. lowest online price)
    IMO, the single best subwoofer ever made for audio clarity

    JL Audio 500/1 Amplifier ($400 lowest online price)
    IMO, the best sub amp made for the price

    JL Audio 300/4 Amplifier ($370 lowest online price)

    Custom Enclosure (I paid $600 for this to be made, the design was free)
    This enclosure fits perfectly into a Scion tC and was highly engineered. My buddy Dave is an acoustical engineer working for NASA JSC here in Houston. He designed the enclosure to be optimized at 40Hz which is perfect for synthesized bass, but also provides good acoustic bass reproduction. The box was a challenge since the ports would have to be longer than the trunk is wide and larger than would look nice. Dave came up with an original double folded-back design that works and looks great.

    Fiberglass Facade (this was $4800 worth of work, but I talked them down to $2500)

    The facade was designed to look like the dash of the car. I wanted it to look OEM. The entire facade was hand-made by the fiberglass master Roland Hernandez from the West Oaks Car Toys in Houston. Car Toys doesn't typically get people as talented as Roland but he had recently closed down his own shop, so it was lucky timing for me. The curves in this design are extremely difficult and extremely rare to see. The main portion of the facade is covered in dark gray vinyl that matches the interior of the car. The middle section is painted a metallic silver to match the center console. The neon lighting is the same blue as the optional LED lighting for the tC.

    Purchase includes ALL CABLES needed for installation (almost $800 in cables alone) including the JL Audio power system with fuse, JL Audio RCA cables and Monster speaker cable. All cables are fit perfectly to a tC with enough slack for variances.
    The components are in great shape with only very minor wear.

    $4470 Value with amps
    $3700 without amps

    Asking $2235 (with amps)
    Asking $1850 (without amps)

    I am in Houston, TX.

    Please PM or email ( me if interested.
    i giv u props man thats the nicest trunk ever lol i really like the lights and it looks so cool
    Yeah, beautiful setup. Looks amazing. I just use my trunk so I couldn't do anything close to that.
    too bad i need my trunk. cause i love JL's and that set up is pretty nice.
    do the back seats still lean back? would it be hard to change the color of the lights? how much does the entire setup weight?
    HOLY CRAP!! That's retarded ! In a good way!!
    You are my Idol!!!

    Beautiful and that is all i can say.
    Is this still available? Where are you located?
    Still available, I am in Houston..

    Lots of people interested, but no one had any money (prolly due to the Holidays). I am hoping someone will get a tax return and take this off my hands.

    It really saddens me to look at it disassembled. This system deserves to be in someone's car being enjoyed.
    i had the money. i was just waiting for my questions to be answered. but i didn't get a reply.
    trick wrote:
    i had the money. i was just waiting for my questions to be answered. but i didn't get a reply.
    Sorry bout that. I dont always get the email notices when someone replies.

    The seats do not lean back with this installed. It could have been made that way, but I would have had to leave a gap which would have looked weird.

    The entire system weighs about 50lbs, but I removed about 30 lbs worth of stuff to install it.

    Im still interested. Could you send me more pics man. Is it cracked at all? Fiberglass or wood? If you get that shipping quote and everything else sounds good, you already know Ive got money to send.
    Everything you see in the pic is fiberglass. The enclosure underneath is fiberboard (of course).

    I will send you the shipping quote as soon as I get it.

    sounds great, thanks
    Sorry, took too long. Im gonna have to back out of this one, Ive talked myself into a turbo instead.
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