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FS: TC1 Raceland CAI, Recaro Red Door Inserts, Top & Bottom Badgless Grill

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    I sold my TC a couple years ago and had these parts lying around. The CAI was installed for a couple years, but is in good shape other than one of the rubber couplers being cracked (pictures included)

    The Recaro Red door inserts were never used and are brand new.

    The top grill was used for a couple years and has faded, but could definitely be sprayed with gloss black and look great, bottom was never installed and is brand new.

    Hoping to sell the whole thing as a package for $60 + shipping if you take it all, gauging interest with this post. Thanks for taking a look!
    Hey Are these items still available? I would definitely be interested!
    $100 plus any shipping costs if still available
  • 4 posts
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