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FS: Custom wood and fiberglass system!

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    This system was made IN my trunk specificly made to fit the tC! not only was it made by one of the top fabbers in the country but it looks and sounds AMAZING! i would concider it the CORE of my car! its probably one of the cleanest ste up ive ever seen (not to be bias) lol . both boxs can be re wrapped if ud like( to just another color suede OR changed to leather) . one box holds the subs and one holds the monitor and the amps

    3 10" Rockford Fosgate P2D2's
    2 Rockford Fosgate Power Series Amps
    1 10" ferinhiet monitor

    Made of Wood and Foberglass and wrapped in Blue Katzkin Suede

    How id like to sell
    I will sell the Components SEPERATLY ONLY if i can sell the box FIRST!
    I STORNGLY believe that it should all go together since it was MADE this way and sounds the BEST this way! I ALSO am still tight with the guy who made it who will be taking it out of my car and will instal it in urs for a GREAT price

    I originally paid $4000 for EVERYTHING including parts and labor

    Asking Price $1700 OBO!! now lets get some offers!

    Post a pic with the thing your selling and a paper with your username on it just to avoid this thread from being locked
    Before posting what you're planning on selling:

    1)Make sure to have PICTURES of the ACTUAL item that you're selling including quantity shown in the photo.

    2)Put your ClubSciontC screen name on a piece of paper and place it near the images that you take pictures of. (With images involving the entire car, please place your name tag on the hood or make a large enough poster of your name and place it in front of the vehicle.)

    3)Post your Contact Information or have your Contact Information available upon request

    4)Be CLEAR and PRECISE on what it is you're selling.

    5.) If you are selling your car, you are required to identify your picture by placing your username written on paper near the vehicle.

    If the rules are not followed the threads will be deleted immediately

    If you do not have pictures to provide, please do not create the post.

    Admin and Moderators retain the right to change these guidelines at any time.


    also see:

    Link To Third Party Sale Guidelines & Classifieds
    that is a ridiculous system set up. nice price too.
    thanks man!!

    yeah yeah yeha ima get a new pic up by the end of the day
    Not that we don't know your car, but rules are rules. Just holla at a mod once you get the pic up.
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