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Custom built retrofitted HID headlights with switchback Halos.

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    Custom built retrofitted headlights with a bunch of goodies. All quality parts and no corners were cut or expenses spared. You will be the only person with a set like this.
    -Blacked out side marker
    -Morimoto H11 or 9006 relay for your car. You have to have a strong rela for these ballasts and bulbs.
    -Morimoto xb35 5500K bulbs. They produce roughly 3200+ lumens and are super bright
    -Morimoto xB35 35W ballasts. Strong ballasts, arnt cheap. Newest model.
    -HID Maxima projectors that are converted to Bi-xenon. These projectors were custom built and converted to Bi-xenon. They double as a low beam and high beam projector. They were tuned for maximum wideness and intensity with Morimoro 'black series' lens. You have a blob of light 6 lanes of traffic and 100 feet in front of your car that is very intense. These things arnt a joke.
    -A 'dummy' projector in the high beam, it does nothing, just there for looks and makes it look like a quad retrofit.
    -A lens was placed over the turn signal area to make it look like a mini projector.
    -Morimoto xSB halos on TURN, LOW and HiIGH beam area. These are some of the most quality halos you can buy. Very bright and intense. They have a nice 6000K color and are easily visible in the daytime from a distance. They also double as turn signals because they are switchbacks. When your DRL is on the halos are white, when the turn signal activate they blink amber until the turn signal is off.
    -These headlights have been on my car for 2-3 months, all components were bought brand new and have about 30 hours on them, that is nothing since all these parts carry a 2-3 year warranty.

    These are an amazing set of unique custom headlights that will set you apart from the crowd. PM or feel free to post any questions. Enjoy some pics.

    $1100. Will ship.

    Not expecting these to sell, but bump.
    Looks dope, but so much money. GLWS
    Still available or making them on the side?
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