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READ THIS Before Posting Your Sale Classified

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    • Edited 27 times, last by Orin on .
    Before posting what you're planning on selling/trading:

    1)Make sure to have PICTURES of the ACTUAL item that you're selling/trading including quantity shown in the photo. Items should be outside the box and visible.

    2)Put your hand written ClubSciontC screen name on a piece of paper and place it near the images that you take pictures of. This does mean do not photoshop your name onto the image. That does not count. (With images involving the entire car, please place your name tag on the hood or make a large enough poster of your name and place it in front of the vehicle.)

    3)Post your Contact Information or have your Contact Information available upon request

    4)Be CLEAR and PRECISE on what it is you're selling/trading.

    5.) If you are selling your car, you are required to identify your picture by placing your username written on paper near the vehicle.

    If the rules are not followed the threads will be deleted immediately

    If you do not have pictures to provide, please do not create the post. If you do not have at least ONE picture with your screen name with the item, do not create the post.

    Each separate item must have your screen name written on paper taken with the photo.**

    6.) Third Party Sales are strictly NOT ALLOWED. I.E. threads created linking to an eBay auction or Craiglist etc. listing will be immediately deleted.

    7.) If you've exceeded your bandwidth and your images are no longer valid, your thread will be deleted.

    8.) Selling for friends is highly discouraged; if the buyer has problems there becomes a lack of accountability, if the item does not belong to you, do not attempt to sell it under your name.

    **9.) If you want to show all items in one photo that is okay, make sure your username is visible. You may post other photos without username IF the item being sold was in the group shot that contained username. Violating this rule results in a thread delete.

    10.) Linking to social media of any type for photos will not be allowed.

    Admin and Moderators retain the right to change these guidelines at any time.


    Incase you are confused as to where this bright red disclaimer is located, here is a full page of where it is incase you just happen to miss it:
    All threads are simply deleted from now on if you don't have a written name tag in the pictures. No if, ands, or buts.....

    Posting a thread means you have those pictures with name tags in them ready to go NOW.....not later tonight, not tomorrow....etc.
    Just went through and deleted a few recent For Sale threads that weren't following the rules. Bumping this for the newbies. Thanks.
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