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I will custom paint/smoke headlights, taillights, trim, etc.

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    Hey guys. I'm Joe from New Jersey. I go to Rutgers for Industrial Engineering. In my spare time I work on the car. Lately I've had a lot of requests from people to paint various things on the car. I am including some pictures of what has been done on my car. If you want anything done and live in Jersey or are willing to ship me the stuff, then we can work out a deal. My camera is pretty crappy and there's salt all over the outside of the car, but in real life the stuff that I paint comes out with a nice glossy finish. Basically I prep and prime the items, then paint and clearcoat, and then polish them up with various compounds and sanding methods. The end results get me a lot of complinents. I can smoke headlights and taillights, paint the inside of headlights, paint grills, and paint any interior trim. Basically if you want it painted I can probably do it. I can get thousand of colors and probably even find the exact color you are looking for, like to match your exterior or whatever. I'm throwing this out there to see if it gets any attention, and if it does then we'll work something out. Also if you are in the NJ area and need any other work done let me know cuz I can save you a lot of money rather then you going to a dealer or shop. Here are some pics, and like I said my cam is pretty crappy.






    after (I can even make the eBay fogs look good, lol):

    Engine Cover (Sorry it's so dirty from oil, didn't have time to clean)

    The foglights are those cheap eBay fogs which I custom painted to match my superwhite tC. I can paint these like this for your tC. I also installed a yellow HID kit. If you overnight ship the parts to me, it will take about 1-3 days depending on exactly what you want painted and how you want it painted. I will then overnight ship the parts back to you, so this way you only don't have the parts for 3-5 days. It shouldn't take longer than that, but obviously I'm sure you would rather have a quality job, rather than something that was rushed. In order to achieve good paint, you need to be patient. Any interested buyers just send me a PM or a reply to this topic.

    Thanks for the compliments, I guess I should probably add some prices because a few people are already asking.

    Here they are...

    $200 for headlights (painted housing and amber piece smoked) Add on $15 for painted overlay piece.

    $100 for just smoked headlights or taillights.

    $65 for 3rd brake light AND side mirror pieces smoked.

    $200 for interior pieces (two tone in pictures) painted to any two colors you want. Or $150 if you just want one color.

    $50 for stock grills painted any color. Add $15 for chrome trim piece to be painted.

    $100 for engine cover painted one color. Add $50 for painted letters.

    $65 for smoked eBay fogs, $75 for painted eBay fogs.

    Any other interior pieces can be painted and I'm sure they would be in addition so we'll work something out. Anything I haven't covered can possibly be arranged (any other cars are welcome). I can work out something for bigger orders, and am willing to give a discount for group buys. 10% off on orders of 5. 20% off on orders of 10. By the time I pay for paint, and sand paper, and compounds, and tape, and the paypal and scionlife fees and shipping and lose all of those hours I don't end up making all that much. I stand by my work and although I don't expect such a thing to occur, any item that is not satisfactory can be sent back to be fixed. Please send me your zip, and how fast of shipping you want when asking as I need to find a shipping price.

    Thanks for the interest and compliments,

    wow havent seen you on here in a while were you been???

    great work btw
    Ive been really busy with school and just enojyed the time off for the winter break. I have been on scionlife a little, but figured I'd stop by to see how everyone is doing. I still miss the old site though..
    Oh and as for warranty, anything that is ever wrong (cracks in paint, condensation in headlights) can be sent back for a FREE fix. Of course I dont expect anything to go wrong but should it ever happen you will be covered for FREE.

    I am looking for extra tails, headlights, and interior trim pieces (like console, etc), so if you want some painting done and have some parts lying around then we can work out a deal like that.

    Let me know with a PM or a post if anyone is interested...
    I LOVE THE INTERIOR!!!!! I Hate those silver pieces in the TC so east to scratch. So whats the Deal I mail you the pieces? Tell to what I want and you do it? I am very interested I live out on Long Island so not to far from you. Will you be doing this for a while because I got to get some money together...
    yup thats the plan. You send me whatever pieces you want. I will paint or smoke them however you want. Then I polish them up nicely with a nice shine and send them back out to you.

    I am actually trying to get a couple spare pairs of headlights, taillights, and interiors. This way I can paint them and send them out, and then you can just send me back your inside. So if you have any heads, tails, or interiors we can work out a deal instead of paying all cash.

    Thanks for the interest,
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