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WTB 2006 motor and manual trans

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    I am in need on a 2006 Tc motor and 5 speed transmission if anyone has one for sale. I finally saved the money to fix my car and need to get ahold of a good motor at the least. Also if anyone might know someone to call near Chattanooga Tn that might have one would help alot. Thanks to all who reply and help me find a motor and/or transmission.
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    No one has one!?! This is a car forum deticated to all things scion and no one has a short block or stock motor to sell? So does this mean no one builds motors or tunes their cars anymore?
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    BlazeMaxim wrote:
    No one has one!?! This is a car forum deticated to all things scion and no one has a short block or stock motor to sell? So does this mean no one builds motors or tunes their cars anymore?

    The criteria you made is ridiculous to be surprised no one has responded yet.
    You basically just said 'What?!!!!!!!!!!!! No one lives close to Chattanooga Tn, comes on CStC every day (being that you just made this thread yesterday), and not only just so happens to have a spare motor lying around their garage, but are also willing to sell to me. What is wrong with you guys, do you are not tune your cars?!!!!!'

    1) Not everyone lives in TN
    2) Not everyone comes on CStC every day
    3) Not everyone has a spare motor lying around
    4) You don't have to have a stock motor to sell to tune your car
    5) A simple 'Bump' would have done instead of having a panic attack
    6) Idk what you're trying to spend, but has everything and anything for our cars, although I assume you are looking for a used one only since you asked on here. So I suppose we can add that to your list of criteria.
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    I have a spare stock '08 motor. But it has spun bearings. No transmission tho. You also didnt give your budget. That info would help people help you
    1 it wasnt a panic attack
    2 your right i should of been more clear
    3 You dont have to live in Tn to ship a motor
    4 I understand the fact you dont have a spare motor if you tune but a lot of people do buy another fresh block to tune so they can build on a clean slate
    5 thank you for replying to my post but you dont have to belittle me like im a spaz
    6 your right a bump would have probaly been more effective

    As far as the 08 motor that is exactly what is wrong with mine and was told i would be cheaper to get another motor than to rebuild.I'm not sure if that is good advice or not but maybe someon can give better advice on that subject.

    My budget is roughly 2k plus maybe another 500 via a loan.
    Well it all depends on what you really want to do. When I spun my bearings I just wanted to get my car running again quickly and not spend a lot of money. I picked up a used 09 motor and did the swap myself and spent about $2400 when it was all said an done. That including buying a few special tools I didn't have and buying some new gaskets and other parts to do a slight overhaul on the new motor just to make sure everything was good. If all that is wrong with yours is the bearings then its up to you which direction you wish to head. For me it was the time constraint of just doing the swap instead of doing a full rebuild on the bad motor. In my opinion, if you're going to have the motor out and are already replacing stuff, spend the $2000 on new bearings (obviously) and then throw in some additional upgrades. Possibly laying the ground work for a turbo down the road or something to that effect.

    It really all comes down to what your goals are. If you want a stock motor that is ready for a swap and thats all you have to do, I know i could rebuild my bad motor and get it shipped out to you and then its just pull your and put the new one in. If you want to do possible upgrades on the motor, then I'd pull the bad motor and use that as the platform for the upgrades. Just get the motor checked out to make sure everything else is mechanically sound, if that is the route you decide to go.
    My car has been down for a couple years and I just want my car back running. It's my only meaning material property.
    I have the manual trans. Have motor too.. but it needs complete rebuild.. would consider offer for one both or even the entire car. 2006 manufacture date is 07/05.
    How much for the whole car
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