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FS: Custom Headrests and Security System

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    I am selling 2 Headrest monitors that also includes a DVD player and all is only a few months old..originally installed at Best Buy and purchased for 1300...i am willing to part with them for 900 O.B.O They are absolutely perfect custom fit...and DVD player can be isntalled in the glove compartment.. =D
    ABSOLUTELY NO SCRATCHES..FLAW-LESS LIKE NEW and def the cleanest multimedia install!!!!!

    P.S. I am also including in this kit [2] wireless headphones with leather pouches...remote control...and headrest covers in case you go to the city and wanna hide your pimp-ness lmao. (wireless headphones and remote not pictured..their in another bag i have to find)

    also selling a Python security system...also a few months old..originally purchased at Circuit city for 350...pager-style...for 200 O.B.O

    shorty antenna-get rid of that crazy-long TC antenna lol- $20


    PM me or E-MAIL me @
    Locked 2:38 AM CMT please read the rules and post some photo's of the products along with your user name in the photo. You may edit your original post in the mean time, PM a mod once you have done so thanks.

    If you post this again I will consider it spam and delete without warning.
    Dibs on antena! Sent PM
    bump anyone interested? CLEAN MONITORS!
    ADONIS87 wrote:
    bump anyone interested? CLEAN MONITORS!

    got a better photo of the screens?
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