Hey! I'm after a passenger side TYC tail light, but will get a set if someone is selling them. Let me know! For reference, this style tail light, but the passenger side. I guess if there's a super miracle I'd also buy a passenger side or pair of RS3 tails, with the red instead of amber. Extra doubtful I'll find any of those though! I did find a driver side RS3 tail on eBay so I guess they're out there somewhere. Hah.

I bought a used 07 tC and the brake lights on the passenger side TYC have corroded due to water damage. I doubt it's repairable but either way I'm more interested in replacing it if I can get so lucky. I'm seeing a couple driver side ones listed on eBay, so I'm wondering if bad seals were an issue with the passenger sides or if it's coincidence.

It's kind of an unlikely search since it's now many years past even the most recent sales listings I can find but you can't catch a fish if you don't cast the rod!