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    Im looking for some pink or purple leds for the TC minimum would be 25 bulbs total
    I've never seen pink leds, but there are purple.

    Check out this site..Super Lumination
    What type of leds are you looking for? I know where i can get pink, i have bought a few in the past for a car that i was working on. They were just a regular 5mm led that you have to put resistors on. I'm am in the Milwaukee area also, let me know. I'll see if i can help you out.
    well im looking to replace the lights behind the speedometer and maybe a few in the interior, any help would be great. Purple would be ok but pink is the way i want to go I wanted them to match my radio color passion. also, le tme know about your Megan pipes, like will i have ot run a complete ecxhaust or can i start with that and work on the other aspects later. Bare with me I just got this car last wekk so IM new to all of this.
    I will see what i can find for pink led's to fit in the dash, not sure if they have those in that color. As far as the exhaust u can just start with that, it will bolt right up to the factory piping. which is what i have on mine minus the axle back exhaust. you can catch me on aim or yahoo if you want my sn's are on my profile.
    I looked up the palce where i bought my led's from they only carry amber, red, green. blue, and white. How ever, I did send them an email to see if they can get pink led's. Just to give you an idea on the cost I belive it was like 50bux when i ordered mine. But that was enough to do the dash and hvac panel. Blue doesnt like to work in the hvac panel to well so i ordered some red. I do have some red and blue left over if you would like red. I'll let those go pretty cheap, i really have no need for them right now. Any way i will let you know what i find out.
    alright consider the manifold sold we can arrange some sort of meet up this weekend and by rhen maybe more info will be known about the lights thanx. Also what can i expect witht the exhaust header and stock the rest of the way in the form of performance.
    u will notice more top end power than anything. and the exhaust will be louder. The car will seem a bit slower off the line, but the top end makes up for it. Only time i have this weekend would be fri nite, or maybe sunday afternoon. let me know what works best for you. maybe we can just meet up on hwy somewhere.
    Well the pinks leds for the dash are a definite no. I eamiled the company and they responded that they do not make them in that color.
    well thankyou for doing the research for me let me know when we can hook up to make the header exchange.
    Any time after 6pm. I finally got my car fixed after having some idiot back up into it. Let me know when you're free so we can set a time. oh and if we meet up by fri u can check out the tint on my car. 20% all the way around.
    .. off topic but madmax you're not the only tC owner to have someone back straight into it. Mines in the shop today and tomorow...
    Mine was a hit and run. But anyway, Miss_J i know you were looking for pics of a flint mica tc with 20% tint. here pics of mine
    Hey Miss_J,

    I just replaced my girls leds with pink ones. here are some pics. They are a lil' brighter than the pics show, I like them very much...sure pink isn't a manly color, but i must admit it looks good.

    (sorry for the bad pic quality)

    I got them off of ebay...they are smaller than the leds the guide recommends (a lil more frustrating to work with something that tiny), but they work just as well.
    the person was very professional..gave free extra leds cause i had to wait longer for them to get some more pink leds. I'm not sure how many i'll have extra cause i plan on doing the center console too.
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