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Amazon fender liner

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    I bought a cheap fender liner off amazon for like 35 bucks. I bought a new one because I broke a few clips on my last one and decided it was still good enough and went for a drive. well that was pretty much the end of that.

    today though I had time to install the one I ordered form amazon. I got to say its not bad, all the holes line up at least. it does seem more flexible then the OEM one but considering Its clipped and screwed on all the way it should be fine.

    I also found a site that sells those pesky black push clips that hold it in. if anyone wants the site name PM me.

    heres a link for the fender liner

    yeah I always wondered how the plastic would be on those panels. Hey I think they'll do the job to keep junk out of the fenders and engine bay..
    Hey thanks for this. One of the bolts on my fender liner came loose, hit my tire and ripped a huge chunk of the fender liner out. Been needing one.
  • 3 posts
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