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Window Covers

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    Hey everyone, I'm new in the forum but have followed a lot of threads and used the DIY tutorials several times for simple mods on my 2006 tC.

    Sometimes I take road trips with my girlfriend and we sleep in the car with the back seats folded down. It gets weird overnight if people can peek inside the car and see us. It's like zero privacy. I was looking for a sort of window cover that I could put on that would block the view inside from the outside. Aside from tinting my windows, are there any product ideas anyone has or has seen?

    I found these online. Has anyone tried these window shade things online or recommend anything? I'd you have, did it work well? Thanks forum!

    Can't do tint because of state regulations? Or the cost. Those window covers are pretty cool, but my personal opinion would just do the tint. I'm going to get my front windows and windshield darkened. Dealership wont do it, but a 3rd party guy will most likely do it.
    I actually have tint but it's not so dark. Plus, yeah, due to regulations, my driver and passenger side windows are not tinted.

    Maybe I'll take a chance with some of these products.
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    You're looking to cover the hatch, right? Honestly, I'd suggest just going with a blanket. You could put the 'rough' side of a patch of velcro on teh blanket that'd cling to the ceiling, and maybe just use some painters tape (leaves no residue) to get the bottom to stick to the window. That'd be the cheap way to go.

    Another thing you could try is going to a local swap-meet. One here in AZ has a guy that makes custom dash-mats and sunshades for the windshields. You may be able to find a similar person who'd make a custom one for the rear window :]

    EDIT: On a second look, that first link looks really interesting. Pretty close to what I was suggesting with the custom-made ones, except it's opaque.
    Thanks for all the suggestions. I think I'll try to find someone who makes custom window sunshades. Maybe I'll give either of those from the links a try.
    I suggest this thing called a Hotel....
    sleeping in your car...isn't something I would recommend on the daily.
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