Sean McCormack showing Time Lapse in Lightroom

here are the files:

How to install the files:
1) Open Lightroom Preferences (Lightroom menu on Mac, Edit menu on PC).
2) Click the Presets tab, then click ‘Show Lightroom Presets folder.
3) The Slideshow Preset (SS 24fps Timelapse.lrtemplate) goes in the Slideshow Templates > User Templates (if this doesn't exist, create it)
4) The video preset (720.lrtemplate) goes in Video Presets > User Presets folder (if this doesn't exist, create it)
5) Restart Lightroom

How to use the files:
1) Save your image sequence into a Collection
2) Open it in Slideshow
3) Select the ‘24fps Timelapse’ Template (the ‘Slides’ duration appears to say 0.0s. Ignore this)
4) Click on the Export Video button at the bottom of the Left panel
5) From the Preset list, choose ‘720P Timelapse’. It should be top of the list.
6) Name your file and click Export. Wait for it to finish.
7) You now have a timelapse video!