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    I just test drove a new GTi just for fun and i must say thoes things are quiet amazing, i just don't like how lightly you gotta push the clutch in, and how you put them in reverse>?! thats just crazy. But i must say i wish scion would come out with a "fast" type of figure. I got my jada tC which is nice!!
    Don't they use the same 200hp engine as the Jetta GLi?
    the gti is an amazing car.. i love the commercials too...
    dont like the front too much...especially around the fog light area....cheaplooking and whack.
    ^ gotta agree. the styling on it is terrible. looks like it wants to give another car a blowjob :mrgreen:
    I test drove the GTi and I liked the turbo sound and the exhaust noise. It really is a nice ride, but I was happy to get back in my tC. Besides, the GTi's DSG type clutch feels like a video game shift.
    i must say the GTi is a fine piece of work, well most german cars anyway.. i been always a eurotuner.. my first car was a 325i witha bunch of m3 conversions.. till i crashed it!! I'd prefer the GTi over the Civic Si.. it has better perf. ratings.. but being a German car its more expendsive.. Nonetheless i think both cars look like crap... The civic and gti are too round, it needs some boxy edges like the tC... the tC is perfect combo of curves and boxiness at the edges...
    make friends with your "fast"
    \?\/ German engineering in da house... ja
    [align=center]"Delivery is for the weak"[/align]
    What do u guys think I/H/E S-pipe Scion tC Vs A 2002 GTI with I/E? Close race or blow-out?
    I would guess blow-out...anyone know the weight figured on the VW?
    yea tc would probably lose. The VR6 GTI's are where its at. Add the aftermarket turbo and your set.... or get an R32 and turbo and you're in 12's easily. Thats a car that underratted IMO.. 6 speed AWD 6 cylinder, low weight... It has a lot of potential
    The new GTI have a totally new engine than the old GLI Jettas they have a 2.0t four cylinder. The older MKIV bodys have a 1.8t four cylinder, the new engine also has direct injection which give more power and a cooler intake charge allowing higher boost. The 1.8t was only rated for 180hp while the now obsolete VR6 6cylinder was makinf 204hp. Matter of time until a simple chip becomes availible for the new GTi and you will be seeing at least 250hp and more than enough torque, but I also believe the new GTIs are heavy like 3300lbs.
    .. exactly the VR6 was such a better engine that the 2.0 4 cylinder...
    guitarguru44 wrote:
    .. exactly the VR6 was such a better engine that the 2.0 4 cylinder...

    Anyone can squeeze more HP out of a 6 cylinder but now a days its just not economically correct, plus its more fun trying to squeeze 250hp+ out of a 4 banger and smoking just about anyone who pulls up next to you, but thats just my opinion.
    The new 2.0 4 cylinder is an awesome engine, the old non turbo 4 cylinder was such a dog, unless u put the Neuspeed supercharger on it then it was just ok.
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