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1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse vs tC

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    How is it I manage to find some jerk that wants to cut me off to prove how big his ball are? I don't look for trouble serious.

    I'm on my way to Subway with my girlfriend and the Eclipse speeds around me to cut in front and get to the parking lot.. I'm like, "no biggie.. I could give a crap"

    After we had our meal, the same car & driver happened to be on the road by chance. He speeds up to try and zoom past me and I press my throttle a little and he's blocked by a car on my right.. (all this is happening at speeds of 50 mph or less) I see a cop right in front so I slow down to 5-7 miles over the speed limit. The officer turns away to go the other direction while I enter the freeway ramp.

    The whole time I was on the freeway, the Mitsubishi was following me trying to play catch up after taking one exit. So I finally said, okay, let's see him get owned.

    I slow down so I can get him side by side with me in fifth gear @ 55 mph. If he really had a fast car, he should be able to dust me. I let him gain the momentum to pass me and right when he was at my side I floor it in fifth gear.

    I don't know if he had turbo or not, but he managed to stay in view of my driver sideview mirror the whole time I accellerated to 70-90 mph. Once I got to 90, then to 100 mph he faded slowly. I could have gone all the way to 120, but I already showed him he couldn't gun past me.

    Then he actually tried to pass again once I got back to legal speeds.
    If the dude had a turbo, you would have definetly been able to hear it
    I had my windows up so I don't know. He probrably had a normal engine. The turbo produces 210 horses and he should have been able to pass me.
  • 3 posts
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