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FJ Crusier

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    Just wanted to know what some people think about the new toyota FJ Crusier, personaly I really like it. I was reading up on the SUV and they say its geared towards the gen Y drivers, so they ask why not put the scion tag on it and toyota said that they have a good clientel on 4wd market already.

    I have no clue how to post pictures here so maybe someone can help me out here.
    pictures don't do it justice.. it looks awesome in person. i've seen quite a few on the road already and from what i hear they're decently off-road capable out of the box one of our team members is gonna test out how good it is off road
    Yeah I saw it today in person, it looks pretty cool, but its not really practical for every day use, the thing only gets 17 mpg hwy, but the dealer did say its great for off roading.
    I absolutely love it...and depending on where I am in 3 years, it may be my tC's replacement when the lease is up.
    have you guys seen the interior? very nice
    holy crap thats gonna sell alot... Interior is definietly nice. Also it looks like a land rover... go toyota
    looks like it's just a concept... is it going to be on the market soon?
    Ah its already out dude.....One thing I do see is all the rappers will be buying them and throwing 27 inch chrome wheels on them and pimpin them out, just like the hummers.
  • 8 posts
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