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*Official* Washington Chat Thread!

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    xGhostx wrote:
    japanjay wrote:
    Who tunes Tc's in sea the washington state that knows what they are doing?

    IF you wouldn't mind taking the Trip I would suggest the Fellas Over at Surgeline in Portland.

    PSI is also reputable out there as well.

    Garagehero is good in WA
    Depends on what you're tuning with. The guys at Intec Racing in Kent are good if you have AEM FI/C
    For the guys that responded. I would prefer to avoid going with a SAS if possible. Not sure if there is anything for the TC like the software that can used for either my integra, hondata, or my 370z, which is uprev. It is my GF's car, and so far I have done a HPS CAI and a P-Tuning option 2 axel back. In the mail is a Dezod red header, Invidia S-pipe, also will have a buddy that does custom exhausts for muscle cars do the 2.5" mid section so I can add resonators as needed to tune the sound. Also wanting said shop that will do the tuning, install some crower stage 2's, unless there is a better cam that you all know of. Would prefer to stay away form their stage 3's due to this being her DD. Unless the 3 is streetable. What are my tuning options? Dont mind driving if needed. Want it done right.

    Parts I have gotten so far and installed with her help so she learns:

    K&N Oiled Filter
    P-Tuning option 2 axle back
    Tein S-techs
    ST front and rear sways
    PWD JDM carbon valve cover
    PWD JDM carbon radiator diffuser
    PWD JDM Radiator stays
    ARK strut bar
    Freshly powdercoated and nice offset done in midnight gloss black with rockstar glitter overlay and all embossed lettering, center cap, and time attack ring hand done in white
    Fresh tires from a FR-s
    Long opened lugnuts some anodized in green others in purple alternating
    All 10mm bolts under the bonnet switched to either anodized green or purple from NRG

    To Buy still:
    RS1 carbon lip kit
    Carbon fenders
    Carbon Hood
    Carbon Trunk
    Carbon hood struts
    Carbon window spoiler
    Optima redtop
    Sparco Seats
    Takata Harnesses

    hey guys we should all do a meet sometime soon . i live in renton and i just moved here from maryland and would love to meet up with some you guys and chill
    We're more active on then this. come Join
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