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TPS Reading at Idle Question / Running ZEX N2O 65shot

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    Hey long time reader new poster, I cant find the answer to to my question so I figured Id ask. I'm having issues with my nitrous kit. (I installed it, & have had it bench tested by ZEX since the first instal but I'm still having issues. The solenoids kick in when the peddal is at 2/3-3/5 to the floor. IS anyone else having this or Do I have a bad TPS?)
    Hey guys, I have an '09 tC RS 5.0:W/ Crank LW Pulley, CAI, CAT back, AEM F/IC and 93 pump tune ZEX Wet KIt and ZEX TC Window Switch
    I'm running a ZEX nitrous kit on a 65 shot w/ tune and 1 range colder ZEX plugs. I have an Aeroforce Interceptor scan gauge. (for those who don't know) The ZEX kit works based on the TPS sensor being at WOT. On my scan gauge reads my TPS is at 17 at idle. From what I've read on other forums (mustang only) the TPS should read at 0. MY question is do I have a faulty TPS or should I move the TPS (white wire) to the TPS wire inside the car vs. the TPS on the TB? I know there's two TPS wire on the TB & I have it wired to the corroct wire per ZEX instruction. WOT has never read 100... Is it always at 17 or is my TPS bad?
    At Idle our TPS are at roughly 16-18, to answer you question is normal
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