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New virgin 2005 Scion tC owner

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    Hello to all
    Disclosure: I am a virgin 2005 Scion tC owner and have multiple questions and concerns, hence my new addition to your forum
    1st question which I think is the most important:
    WHERE in Milwaukee WI can I trust to take my new used car to? This is always scary and some referrals would be most appreciated!
    Looking forward to sound boarding with you all.. your experiences and knowledge will ALWAYS be appreciated and respected.

    Mz Tay
    Welcome, what are your concerns with the car? Or are you just looking for a place to get regular oil & tire changes?
    Ok, there are some issues..
    1st. it has a vibration in the front-end at 55+.. I can feel it in the wheel and thru the petals
    2nd. it hesitates, kinda chugs when idling.. sounds rough and only gets better when in neutral
    3rd. the sunroof jammed up on the right side, got stuck..

    I just got this car less than 30 days ago and I don't believe they even inspected it, truly.. I also discovered a hole in the exhaust which should have been disclosed but nonetheless..


  • 3 posts
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