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Newbie from Tulsa 06 Base XB

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    I was born in a time of 6 volt cars and vacuum tubes, I always tried make what I had go faster and would rather race than eat or sleep. Now I drive an 06 Scion XB I bought new and 16 years in I still love it, I have faster cars but this one will go farther on a gallon of corn juice than the faster ones.I haven't tried to make it faster just better like metallic brake pads and an all aluminum two core radiator and I plan on updating my juke box down the road.
    welcome to club scion tC (cstc for short).. It is dead around here, but there's a ton of info available for you to search/look through. Scion is a brand Toyota got rid of in 2016. But there are still some of us scion owners around..
    Thanks, It did surprise me when Toyota axed Scion sort of like when GM killed off Pontiac and Oldsmobile. I'm old and probably won't buy anything new again , I've got what I like and will do whatever I can to keep them on the road.
    ya Toyota was using the Scion brand as a sort of incubator to get to younger customers. They launched it right as the economy took a nose dive! Bad timing.. Then Toyota got rid of the sell-at-all-costs CEO and replaced him with a family member of the brand. Mr Toyoda himself! He's a car racing guy who has an MBA.. Now we're talking! No more bean counters who are not car guys. Mr Toyoda has incorporated the Scion ideas into the mainstream Toyota vehicles now. So I guess all wasn't lost. Unlike when GM got rid of the other brands. I tell ya, someone in management at GM must have skeletons in the closet for them to have kept Buick but got rid of olds and pontiac?! I had family members who worked at GM's tech center back in the day. There were many reports of cars that could've crushed the import craze but GM's management cancelled them! Wow.. The tech center had a lot of awesome engineers! But nope bean counters won..

    Back to your xB, yeah if you need any help feel free to reach out.. Parts scarcity is a real thing as this inflation and supply chain shutdown continues to affect parts. Toyota parts I have not seen a lack of supply, but on my project civic car, Honda is in real trouble. Sure my project civic is a 1996 but Honda has been discontinuing parts more than normal. And the way things are going in this world, the cars we have no matter our age, may be our last! lol.. isn't that a happy thought?! lol..
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