Hey everyone!

I have such a love story with the Scion tC. But going way back, I bought my first car with 0 care back in 2007 and thank God it wasnt a piece of crap. It was a 2006 Honda Civic and over the years I learned to do general service on my car. I still own it to this day and it's my winter beater, though still in decent shape for being 15 years old. Maintenance is a wonderful thing. 300k or bust.
I went through selling aftermarket parts and working at a Krown shop to completing my second level bodyman apprenticeship before my terrible rotator cuffs did me in. Now I'm working as a service advisor.
But it was during my time working at the krown shop, October 2012, that I first sat in a tC. I didnt even know what Scion was at the time as my city doesnt have a dealer. It was a 2013 tC RS8.0. Brand new.
I got to know the owner a bit- what I retained was that she was a paramedic who lived about 1 hour east of my town.
Cool. LOVED the car- after driving so many other cars, this was the first one that caught my attention besides my Civic. It was basic, sounded good, and was a coupe as well. Hatch? Win.
Fast forward to 2015 and I've never forgotten about that car but my civic was long paid off and I was getting the new car pains. I start looking for the tC I wanted. The RS8.0.
BEHOLD! one is for sale about 1.5 hours away from me. What's that? A paramedic sticker in the window? Holy crap, and sure enough, it was the EXACT same one I fell for years prior.
We've now put on about 80k kms, as shes a summer queen only, in the form of multiple trips from Ontario to the beautiful shores of Prince Edward Island.

Even more exciting, last month I picked up a low mileage 2016 RS10.0. **SO** happy.

Cant wait to peruse some threads and chat with some of the folks here!