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12yrs, 300k miles later...

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    I don't know if anyone still comes on here anymore but I hit 300k and thought I'd come check out the old forum I used to frequent. Cars been my daily commuter for years now and has been through many changes. Shes been real good and reliable to me which is why I've kept her years later any OG users still on here? I miss you guys

    below are a few pics of failed experiments I've ran lol.

    when I ran the Kamanari kit

    when I ran the RS kit
    hey Apotheosis!! we miss you too! Yes some of the OG's (like myself) are still around, we're not giving up our tC's any time soon! Mine is actually in a garage being stored til I get around to fixing it, should be the next few weeks. And fixing it, I mean new suspension, brakes, tires, tie rod ends, coolant/hoses/belts, trans oil, engine oil.. also going to be adding the trd rear sway bar! I've been driving my project civic car currently. But nope, not going to get rid of the tC, too special to me. plus it's paid off! always a plus!

    thanks for the pictures of your progress over the years! Glad to see you still have your tC!! good to hear from ya! don't be a stranger! I know the scion community has slowed wayyyy down, but we're still out there!
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