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Shoutout to all the New Members...

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    I notice there has been some New Members. I want to give a Big CStC Welcome to All
    Some must be a bit shy because they has not Introduce themselves. That is OK. All are Welcome

    I been perusing through the Recent Galleries, Vehicle pictures, & Albums.
    As you guys know, I have a soft spot for Release Series vehicles.

    A couple caught my eye: redawdgsx's 2013 RS 8.0:
    RS8 Everything TRD

    I'm a TRD fanboy, but, he went the Extra Mile. Not many people have the high end 19" TRD 7-spoke Alloy Wheels and the TRD BBK (Big Brake Kit) And the rare TRD Front and Rear Sway Bars. Excellent Job!

    Here's my Doppelgänger, ShaqCity's 2015 Release Series 9.0:
    My Twin

    He even has a Huge Wing similar to mine! And has made Inquiries about my Lambo Doors.
    He is a U.S. Marine.

    Thank you for your Service

    Welcome to the newcommers!!! Hopefully they will come out of their shells. These guys are super knowledgeable on this site. Don't be afraid to ask and/or talk.

    I think most of us have had our rabies shot? LOL

    Critter CMT here also known as Chris I'm a newbie
    Welcome Chris, congrats on your new ride and the body kit, looks good.
    Welcome! I am fairly still new on this site hope we can be friends!
    Hello jdo93! Welcome to CStc!

    No snow in Cali


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