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New Here saying Hi

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    Just to start out, I would like to say hi to all of the members already on here. We just got the car last fiday, and it is starting to look awesome. Mods on the car are smoked tail lights, smoked brake light, underbody kit, wing spoiler, tint all around.
    Tomm I am going to really get into it and install all the stuff sitting in my living room. Motegi MR7 gunmetals, progress springs, koni yellows, tanabe strut tower, fog lights, headlights, obx pedals, short shifter, and led under dash lighting. I will get some pics up when I am all done with her.
    Koni yellowz???? Why was I not informed Koni made shocks for the tC?!?!
    cant wait 2 c all those goodies on the car
    welcome to the forum. how much were the koni's? sounds like ur making a beauty. my dealer needs to call me already
    Konis are the greatest! I just dont like the yellows coz they are adjustable but needs to be adjusted first before installing.

    Well that was my experience correct me if im wrong.
    damn.. for a newbie to the board thats a hell of a lot of modding.. keep it up and welcome
    ooh the koni yellows are the adjustable ones? wow, you're going balls out from day 1.. cant wait to see before/after pics
    Welcome and happy modding, once you start you can't stop, hope you have big pockets, he he.
  • 8 posts
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