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New Member Los Angeles Area

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    Hey everyone name is Patrick. Bought my 2013 Scion tC back in November of 2012. I have stock everything. I'm looking to find out more info on the tC and cars in general since I really don't have that much knowledge on them. I was recently hoping to add some fog lights & a stereo system/sub, yet i don't where to begin. I love my tC. I get 19.9 MPG on my automatic transmission, which bugs me. It sounds like a constant droning sound when driving in automatic or even the "sport" mode. If anyone could help me on how to fix that sound or explain to me how it works that would be great. The second thing is that the interior of the car is pretty poor quality. Sometimes my key will miss the ignition when i'm in a hurry and it leaves a white reside of some sort on the black interior. Anyways, I registered to find out more about the car and hopefully meet some awesome people! If anyone lives in the Los Angeles area, i'm in Redondo Beach. Hope everyone has a good day! Peace!

    Welcome to the Forum!
    welcome to the Club,
    the 2nd gen is the best in my thoughts. i used to live up in the redondo beach area, now im down in the OC, you should come out this meet.
    meet lots of new people and everyone one i know that is going is pretty chill.
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