Hello everyone, obviously new and just making intoductions. So I was looking for a new car and stumbled across a 2011 Scion Tc 5sdp automatic. Seemed like a good deal so I grabbed it. I've been looking around but haven't seen a whole lot on the 2011 model. Any thoughts on it? Was it weird or underpowered? Or did I just get lucky and stumble across a hidden gem? *fingers crossed*

One small question as well, do they make preformance oil or fuel pumps for the 2011? I looked around on the site and though Google searches but haven't seen anything I'm satisfied with. I've seen them for other brands and was interested in one for the TC, if I can find one. I'm going to start small and go for low power gains by replacing the basics with high end parts, then probably the exaust and a CAi. Then (probably years later) add the turbo or swap the 2AJ for another sporty 4 cylinder, maybe from a car someone totaled (provided there is no damage of course).

Well that's me and where I'm at, always heard good things about the TC and I've been a fan of Toyota sports cars since I was little ('97 Supra is my favorite car) so I'm looking forward to getting to know her. I do think the experience would be even more rich having people to guide me and discuss things with (my sister is probably sick of hearing me, and she is a fan of scion). :p

Thank you for the time it took to read this, and I look forward to having feedback and the opportunity to learn about my cool new car. May your roads be clear and the cops be slow.