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It's About Time

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    Hi guys!

    I've been lurking through these forums for nearly a year now; I thought it was time to make an account! Haha. I also have a rather specific question, but I'll make a separate thread for that. Naturally, the tC caught my eye while I was car shopping for my first ride, but one night a drunk driver hit me and left my family's SUV totaled. This put my family in the awkward situation of needing two new cars. Fortunately, we scored two good deals on a 2012 auto stingray xB and a 2012 6 speed tC in classic silver. When we bought the cars in August, I had no idea how to drive manual. But that didn't stop me from putting around 6k miles on the tC in 6 months. Going to school 700+ miles away from home doesn't help that situation.
    Not much work has been done to either car, with the exception of some plastidip, minor led lighting, license plate frames, and tinted windows. HID lighting for high and low beams are definitely the next things on my agenda.

    Let me just put my life story in an intro post. Haha.
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    Welcome to the site man. Sorry to read about the events that led up to you getting your tC but I'm glad no one got hurt. Sometimes great things fall apart so better things can come together
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