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new to scion but no stranger to toyota

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    Just bought a 2013 Scion TC RS 8.0 Was a long time member to the celicahobby and newcelica groups. Previously own 2002 toyota celica gt-s for 10 years. Pictures and questions will follow after i search the crap out of it not to wast time or space on the bulletin board.

    welcome to cstc! Yup, definitely look around, lots of info to search!
    thanks for the welcome. i agree
    hey keep us posted on what you end up doing with your tC.. and an 02 celica Gt-S you had, awesome engine by the way!! Why did you get rid of the celica?
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    As much as i wanted to keep her I was moving to the other side of the state (MO). The Celica was my daily driver turned project car and my 2008 Volkswagen GTI was made into my quick daily driver. Finding a place to store it just wasn't possible at that time during the move. I made sure that the celica went to a fellow celica owner when it was sold.

    I agree the 2zz-ge was a great motor. It had its moments though. was my go to place for parts and the celica forums provided valuable info.

    I will definitely keep the group updated.
    Just received delivery of the Scion Tc. Cant wait to see it in the day light.
    lazydreamer wrote:
    Just received delivery of the Scion Tc. Cant wait to see it in the day light.

    awesome news! thanks for the update! hope it goes well.
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