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    • Aug 12, 2017 4:46:38 am
    N00b here. I just scored a good looking (mica?) 06 with 150k that somebody cheaply dumped and I couldn't pass on it considering my skills. I plan to get it stable and possibly sell it in a couple months. I'm a tacoma for life guy, and owned a solara, so I'm familiar with the motors. Seems like a great middle ground car. I've had tuners that include ser specv, wrx, msm, 240sx, and lastly a s2k.
    I'm not looking to beat Jonny Tran at Race Wars or do any canyon runs with it, but I see the value, practicality and fun in the design. The whole car seems really simple. Who knows, I might just love it enough to drive it for a year and work any kinks out and even the wife might like it.

    While I love tuner cars, my go to these days is a truck and I'm on the hunt to replace my Taco with the X-Runner. Buying a house should come secondary to owning a truck. I love the SVT lightning, but ford and automatic and broken spark plugs make me pause. Tundra's, Raptors all nice, but I abhor car payments. I'd rather own a slow car than pay 500/mo for a "fast" daily driver.

    What I'll be looking for next is which mods I can do that remain street legal enough as we have yearly inspections here. I wouldnt mind going the E/I/S route and maybe some stereo bits. For the cost and headaches of a turbo (considering the problems I've already read concerning the TRD s/c kit) I'm guessing those monies would be better spent buying something thats actually fast if speed is what you need. A miata or the s2k is probably more than enough for the average wrenchmonkeyspeedjunky if you live close enough to a track and want to keep your wallet from turning into a 5th-dimensional black hole of debt.

    Anyway, hello from NC and I'll probably make a lot of annoying points, trolls and ask a lot of questions as I pour through the threads. Dont fear. I'm a professional.

    • Aug 12, 2017 5:54:29 am
    Welcome to the club!
    • Aug 12, 2017 7:05:38 am
    Are we allowed to talk about the club? If this is my first night at TC club, do I really have to fight somebody?
    • Aug 14, 2017 12:47:28 pm
    udelslayer wrote:
    Are we allowed to talk about the club? If this is my first night at TC club, do I really have to fight somebody?

    since I'm a mod I will have to take you out back myself and "teach you" the ways of club scion tC! If you have to ask, then you will have to be made an "example" of.. but we welcome you to cstc! *whack* lol
    • Aug 14, 2017 4:37:27 pm
    • Edited 2 times, last by MR_LUV on Aug 14, 2017 4:44:09pm.
    udelslayer wrote:
    Are we allowed to talk about the club? If this is my first night at tC club, do I really have to fight somebody?

    No, you are not allowed to talk about the Club. We are a Secret Society.

    Yes, you will have to fight Mike Tyson tonight in the Main Event.

    We will find out if you are a 'Professional'.


    Welcome to CStC!

    • Aug 14, 2017 8:53:36 pm
    LOL. Palahniuk is prophetic. Funny thing is that story takes place in Wilmington, Delaware - where I'm sort of from. I've lived in all 3 counties and its a small state. At least the mods have a sense of humor here. Is this the primary TC forum? I recently got the FSM recently and have yet to start exploring. I'll be diving into the car this week/weekend. The engine isnt running yet, but I have a suspicion that the fuel pump isnt operating. I just pulled and charged the new battery I already killed trying to start it lol. Its going to be a great week...well as soon as I clear enough floor space in the garage.

    -It's about soap.
    • Aug 14, 2017 8:55:04 pm
    I am a professional, but that could be anything. Imaginations are awesome!
    • Aug 16, 2017 11:02:48 pm
    LOL glad to see you have a sense of humor also. Welcome to the club. So lets see this new TC. What mods are you thinking about?
    • Aug 16, 2017 11:29:01 pm
    udelslayer wrote:
    Are we allowed to talk about the club? If this is my first night at TC club, do I really have to fight somebody?

    Talk about the club? Hold up, I need to get my Louisville slugger out the hatch. You gone learn today. Lol
    • Aug 17, 2017 9:15:42 pm
    LOL VA style!!
    • Aug 17, 2017 9:59:30 pm
    What? Detroit-style isn't good enough? Vee have vays 2 make you learn.. young member of the "soap" club.. Oh that's fine, I already "taught him" the ways of the club.. you can take a swing at him too.. I think he might learn, newbies are always a bit slow
    • Aug 19, 2017 9:12:50 pm
    the number one mod right now is a running engine. I'm diagnosis an issue or seven.

    I'll plan to go the SS/I/H/E(catback)/clutch/fancybrakes/stereobits(?) route, nothing spectacular. Its a much needed project since the only thing I'm lacking at this point is a lift system. I test drove one years ago, but if I had my way, I'd be driving an x-runner right now (I'm a tacoma for life kind of person...ok well, I'd drive a tundra but I dont care for expensive payments)

    The back story is this....

    Coworker bought a new civic Si (I drove it, very nice) after having some issues starting and had it towed to triple-eh. He then had to move it to prevent fees in the lot, so he basically abandon this car before it cost him more. He had some intermittent power issues, starting issues, and then it died at speed and couldnt get it cranked again. He doesnt know much about cars, but I've probed the symptoms and dont believe that its a "dead" motor as triple-eh tried to convince him of. I got it for 500 and the interior and body are in excellent shape. If I have to buy a motor (which I'm not convinced of yet) then it will be worth the price. I may sell it and move on OR I may love its simplicity and keep it around when I want to row through gears. They seem to have some potential and practicality....and I own it.

    So far, I've put a new battery in (as it was going to get replaced), new starter because the existing one looked a little cooked, pulled the plugs, which looked OK imho, and pulled the acc belt off to check for anything binding. Starting seems a little anemic and I'll eventually have to recharge the battery if I play with it too much. Do they have a "sluggish" start like miatas do? Nothing pulley side seemed to be holding anything and when it turns over, I dont hear a problem. I tried to turn the crank with a ratchet, but having the plugs in might make it too hard in compression. The oil looks normal, the plugs were dry, and I am now investigating the fuel pump. I dont hear it (if you're supposed to) and the green schrader valve has 0 pressure at any time. I will be buying a test gauge kit on Sunday, but I pressed the valve and not even the smell of fuel is present. I'm going to have to check the circuit but I'm expecting that the pump is what was killing the motor. Unfortunately, I've never seen it run. I dont care if I find that the motor is spun, but I just want to figure out what is wrong as I'm throwing parts at it. All the stuff I'm replacing would eventually get replaced anyway for my standards. The motors are relatively cheap and this is almost the same engine in the taco and the solara I gave to a family member. I'm just used to them running forever with very few issues because its a 'yota. I REALLY like the fact that its built in Japan. The stuff they put together stateside tends to use small parts like wheel bearings from relatively local distributors which I think are inferior. Every Japanese build whether honda, nissan or yota tends to be higher quality and longevity. For instance, the solara with the same motor has a perpetual alignment problem that their TSB doesnt even fix, but at least the major parts are reliable. My 240's were ancient and yet the interiors stayed intact. My WRX had more than 100whp over stock, and it never had one issue. My taco, built (or at least assembled here) has 12 friggn cup holders.....seriously? I guess they think we're very thirsty people not being so close to an ocean.
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