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Hello from the 505

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    • Nov 06, 2017 8:07:30 am
    working on a 08' tC. I come from big iron muscle cars and lots of Nitrous. This is my daily driven commuter car. it's fun, great on gas... ;)

    • Nov 06, 2017 6:52:05 pm
    hey back at ya in the 505! Definitely keep us updated on your tC project! Be very cool to see the progress. I'm just thinking that if you're doing nitrous, might want to upgrade the cylinder head bolts, they're not that strong and it might blow the head off the block. Wouldn't want that!
    • Nov 07, 2017 9:44:43 am
    thanks! I don't plan to spray on this little guy... but I have been throwing some simple "tuner" mods at her:

    4x4 action

    in case i need to be pulled out from 4x4 offroading

    Tein S. tech springs, alignment, 20mm wheel spacers, ASA1 Revolution 17x8 wheels wrapped in a 215/40 Kuhmo

    had to fender roll, had to trim the fender well liners, replace fender bolts with flush bolts to finally rid of any rub.
    • Nov 07, 2017 2:35:19 pm
    ahh I mis-read your first post.. no spray on this one, cool. I like what you've done with your tC. Under-stated, classy, clean.. I've always liked that kind of style! *thumbsup*
    • Nov 08, 2017 10:59:33 am
    sciontc_mich wrote:
    ahh I mis-read your first post.. no spray on this one, cool. I like what you've done with your tC. Under-stated, classy, clean.. I've always liked that kind of style! *thumbsup*

    • Nov 09, 2017 9:05:20 pm
    Welcome to the club dig! Car looks clean!
    • Nov 14, 2017 1:41:44 pm
    Spence306 wrote:
    Welcome to the club dig! Car looks clean!

    Hey! Thanks Spence.
    • Nov 14, 2017 1:42:17 pm
    • Edited 2 times, last by digdeep0169 on Nov 14, 2017 1:43:55pm.

    Carbon Fiber wrap on front bumper, gas door, rear lift latch panel
    • Nov 14, 2017 3:21:27 pm
    just enough contrast without going crazy.. nice! thanks for the update! It's cool how when you black out the front grille area it looks like an Audi! they copied so many different cars but it works well!

    I had a 92 year old neighbor tell me how he really loved the style of the tC. I asked him what he would think of this if it was out in the past. He told me "well it would be futuristic but good style is good style, doesn't matter when it was done. If the lines flow well that is what makes it a style that never goes out of style".. He made a really good point! It's not an "old" or "younger" persons car.. It's a timeless design. Just flows well.

    When the tC came out, I had a couple staring at the tC. I said "something wrong?" He said, "oh sorry, no I just couldn't stop looking at your car.. Is that the new BMW?" I said "no.. try again".. the wife said "oh it has to be the new Audi".. I said "nope, try again".. She said "well I don't think it's a mercedes.." I couldn't help but stretch this out more before telling them.. I said "ok, first.. what do you think the price is?" They both said "It has to be at least 35k-40k".. Then they gave up.. I said "it's a Toyota and it's $18,500" They said "no it's not! THAT (pointing) is a Toyota?!! and it's under 20k!??" They couldn't believe it.. Then the guy said "see?! Toyota CAN design a good looking car after all".. lol..
    • Nov 15, 2017 9:13:39 am
    • Edited 1 times, last by digdeep0169 on Nov 15, 2017 9:15:01am.
    Hey thanks sciontc_mich! it's been a fun project thus far... i don't know how much further i plan to go... for now it's a great economical gas saver... as opposed to my 10mpg Camaro, or the big F150 Raptor... but thanks for sharing that. good stuff right there.
    • Nov 17, 2017 9:46:08 am


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